Interest Rate on Used Vehicles
Here are the average interest rates for Quebec. To find out the starting rate corresponding to your situation, click on "See My Rate."
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Market starting rate %

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Updated June 2023

1st Chance Credit

Used vehicle
6.73 %
and more
  • + 0.3% since last month

2nd Chance Credit

Used vehicle
and more
  • Stable since last month

3rd Chance Credit

Used vehicle
and more
  • Stable since last month

Lowest Interest Rates on the market

Used car loan rates in Quebec vary a lot, starting at 4.69%. Prêt Auto Express negotiates the lowest rate for you in addition to adjusting payment terms to your personal situation.

Access Credit

Starting from 15.90%

Bank of Montreal

Starting from 8.99%

Industrial Alliance

Starting from 10.99%

Auto Capital Canada

Starting from 11.99%


Starting from 7.74%

Iceberg Finance

Starting from 12.99%

Avantage Scotia

Starting from 10.99%


Starting from 6.73%


Starting from 11.99%

Axis Auto Finance

Starting from 9.99%


Starting from 6.99%

TD Bank

Starting from 7.99%

Eden Park

Starting from 8.99%

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Our credit analysts are pros. Their job is to find a loan that meets your needs and get a quality, guaranteed, and as new as possible vehicle.

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